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Sadiq Toma -Lectures and practical workshops




The process to learn and be skilled in art can start with pencil; this includes sketching, live drawings and still life.



Oil and acrylic

You can experience and practice oil painting or acrylic on canvas again using live models, still life or landscape



Water colour and technique

Ideas and techniques demonstrated to produce impressive results




Lino and wood cut techniques and print on paper using different media and simple tools.




Ceramic tile patterns

The sessions will be focused on the fascination and beauty of Islamic art. The workshop is divided into several sections which include a short talk on Islamic architectural structures, history and origins focusing more on the artistic side rather than religious, practical work including tracing and brushwork techniques and production of work by the students themselves on tiles using enamel and fine pointed brushes.

Throughout the sessions a digital projection screen is used to illustrate the beautiful artistic architecture and inspire the students in their work.

The sessions can be adapted to all age groups from age 10 years and upwards. The lectures have been very popular in schools and with adults and provide knowledge and experience of Middle Eastern art and heritage.



Arabic calligraphy

This is a unique opportunity for students and adults to learn about the history and different styles of Arabic calligraphy. The session included digital slides of masterpieces in Arabic scripted calligraphy, a demonstration on preparing the materials and a practical session where students produce their own work using design and the Arabic alphabet.

The lecture can be adapted to all age groups from 10 years upwards and provides a great experience and opportunity to learn about another language and culture.

Please contact me for more information on these services





Previous Experience:


2009         London School of Economics – One Day Arabic Calligraphy workshop .

2008-        IslamExpo   ( Four days Arabic Calligraphy Workshop).

2008 -       ABi  Associates Limited ( one day workshop) . Calligraphy.

2007-        Tiffiin School  ( One day Workshop ) Arabic Calligraphy.

2006 -       V&A  Museum (One Day Workshop Calligraphy ).

2006-         V&A  Museum  ( One Day Workshop ) . Calligraphy .

2006-         Cheltenham Bournside School and Sixth Form Centre .( Eight Days

                 Islamic Tiles & Arabic Calligraphy ). 

2006          British Museum Artist in Schools Programmes.( Eight Days )  

2005          Iraqi Community Centre (One week Workshop

                 Teaching children Art in different media.

2004          Iraqi Community Centre (Two weeks Workshop)

                 Teaching children Art in different media

2004          Blair Peach Primary School, Southall (Three days workshop)

                Teaching children Islamic Art on Tiles .

2004         Charnwood Museum -Leicester (Two days workshop)

                Teaching adults Islamic Art & Calligraphy

2003         Newham Heritage Service (   Two days Workshop)

                Teaching Adults Islamic Art and Calligraphy                    

2001         Al-Muatammer Newspaper   

                Worked as Cartoonist and Illustrator.london

1990 – 2000            Self-employed

                Selling my own work. london

1980 – 1990     Saudi Research and Marketing /Awshaq-Al-                             Awsat  Newspapers

                 Worked as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator .london

1974 – 1978            Iraqi Television -   Worked for a number of different Iraqi publications including Iraqi television as an animator and illustrator in the Children’s Programmes Department

1976 – 1978            Iraqi Institute of Antiquities – “Iraqi Museum”

                 Designed a number of posters for the museum, murals and     book covers.

 Made two paintings for the Children Museum .




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