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About the Artist



Sadiq Toma   

1952              Born in Baghdad Iraq .

1974              Obtained Diploma from fine Art Institute, Baghdad .

1974- 1978      Worked for a number of publishing Companies, free lancer in Iraq  

As an Illustrator and Graphic Designer and worked in Baghdad TV

For the Children Programmes as an illustrator and animator,

Produced few Animator films (cartoons) , also worked in the

Same period for the Organization of Iraqi antiquities ( Iraqi

Museum) , Designed a number of Posters , Book Covers and 

A number of Large Scale Paintings for the Children Museum .

  1978            Since 1978 live and work in London , for several publishing Houses

                    As a Graphic Design and illustrator. in Arab Press House  for ( Al-

Sharq Al-awsat) International Newspaper and for the rest of

Magazines as (Al-Majelah ) , (sayidaty) ,and Al- Sarq Al-awsat 

(Supplement), and for Iraqi Opposition Newspaper (Almutamer)

At the present time working as free lance delivers some Art

sessions, as( Islamic Art ) (Arabic Calligraphy ) and General Art

the field of School and Adult Education as well given session for

V&A Museum in Education Programmes and the British Museum

In School programmes and full time Painter.

2005           Gained Master Degree (MA) in fine Art at Middlesex University . 


Throughout thirty years of exile Sadiq Toma continues to search for fulfilment on canvas. New themes and inspiration come from distant memories and from the past, without neglecting the present or future. Yet, Toma is not content to merely excavate his own personal memories, which comprise of childhood games and youthful dreams, but has instead embraced the memories of an entire ancient civilisation of Iraq.  

Although influenced by Sumerian art, Toma does not wish to be an excavator or archaeologist, only an artist who seeks a fresh vision of life and death as did Gilgamesh in his searches and many questions about the fate of mortals. By viewing the original art of Sumeria, such as fragments of clay tablets of cuneiform writing, he converts an often hidden vision in to modern form. Through the use of different materials he produces work that reflects a strong personal belief that the Sumerian era was one of the strongest influences of his Iraqi roots. 

Homage to the Past , To the first seeds of  civilization in my native land .

Homage to man who created the first words, the first signs and letters on fragment of clay tablet , to the first fossils under the sand.

   Homage to my past, my childhood, my youth, to the memories of playing with a stick and a wheel, flying kites of paper , fishing with a rod by the riverbank among reclining canoes on the shore, and the shady palm trees with their swags of  succulent dates overhead and the first realization of love lost to the girl of my dreams who lived

Just doors away from mine!

Homage to the fertile clay along the rivers and to the water running along the streams which supported my people through history and time

Homage to the past who deliver to a great future .



1973           Young Artists work, Gallery (4), Baghdad.

1974           The Iraqi Poster of The Young Artist Exhibition, Baghdad.

1974           Participated in Poster Exhibition of the First Arab Biennial, Baghdad.

1975           Poster Exhibition of Iraqi Artists. Iraqi Artist Society Gallery, Baghdad.

1976           Contributed to the Exhibition against Racial Discrimination, Baghdad.

1977           The Annual Exhibition of the Iraqi Artist Society, Baghdad.

1985           Arab Art Exhibition, Islamic Cultural Centre, London.

1987           Arab Art Exhibition, Islamic Cultural Centre, London.

1988           Exhibition of Arab Cultural Week, Chelsea Town Hall, London.

1990           The Annual Exhibition of the Spectator Magazine, Cork Street, London.

1991           International Print Exhibition Miniature, Norway.

1992           The Annual Exhibition of the Spectator Magazine, Barbican Centre and Scotland.

1992           Exhibition ( out of Iraq ) Camden Town - London .

1994           Work selected for Osaka Graphic Triennial Exhibition, 1994 (5th International

                  Contemporary Art Competition), Japan.

1994           Participated in Exhibition, Art Star Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium.

1995           Work selected for Sorak International Biennial Exhibition Korea.

1996           Participated in Exhibition, Under Different Skies, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1997           Work selected for exhibition, Art Experience, London.

1997           Participated in joint exhibition, Seinajoki, Finland.

1999           Sharjah International Biennial Exhibition, U A E.

2000           Stroke of Genius, London, Exeter, Bath.

2003           Contemporary Islam- Exhibition ..Crescent Gallery -Scarborough

2003           Exhibition (Black Rain) War reflection- Sheffield .

2003           Exhibition (Black Rain) Charnwood  Museum  Leicestershire .

2006           Salon des Arts   - London. 

2009           Saint Hilaire - France "Artist in Exile"                                    


1979           Grand Hotel, Leicester.

1984           Islamic Cultural Centre, London.

1987           Chequers Gallery, London.

1991           Goya Gallery, Berlin.

1991           Al-Rafedain  Club Gallery, Berlin.

1991           Kufa Gallery, London.

1992           Gallery (4), London.

1994           Huset Gallery, Arhus, Denmark.

1995           Argile Gallery, London.

1996           Cultural Foundation, Abu-Dhabi, U A E.

1996           Cultural Foundation, Sharjah, U A E.

1998           Maldive Islands, Male.

2000           Kufa Gallery, London

2002           Jeddah Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia    

2002           Kuzama Center Gallery,  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2005           Kufa Gallery -  London .

2007           Jersey Gallery Osterly Park, London..  

2010           Arts Pace Gallery Mayfair London  

2013           Sofia Gallery London

2017           Cravantaise Gallery France  



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